Dry cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic and should be used in a well-ventilated area. The use of rubber gloves is necessary to protect the skin when washing rifle parts.

4. Use penetrant kit (Item 25, app D) to check for cracks in bolt as follows:

(a) The area to be inspected must be clean, free of oil, etc. Spray a small amount of remover on the area to be inspected, let dry and wipe off with a wiping rag.

(d) Pay close attention to the area where the locking lugs (2) meet the body.

(b) Spray penetrant (only enough to wet the area) on the area of the bolt (1) to be inspected.

(e) If there are no cracks, spray remover on the area; let dry and wipe off with a wiping rag. Oil the area to prevent corrosion.

(c) Spray developer over the penetrant and let the developer work. Cracks will be indicated by a change in color where there is a crack. If there are cracks, the component 1' unserviceable.


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