When using carbon removing compound (Item 8, app D), avoid skin contact. If it comes in contact with the skin, wash off thoroughly with running water. The use of a good lanolin base cream after exposure to compound Is helpful. The use of gloves and protective equipment Is required. Step 5. Carbon build-up in barrel gas port (5). Remove carbon build-up by soaking barrel In carbon removing compound (item 8, app D). Use rubber gloves (Item 18, app D) with carbon removing compound. Use a bore small arms cleaning brush (Item 4, app D).


Step 1 Inspect for defective or bent barrel assembly (1) (p 3-29).

Replace barrel assembly (1) (p 3-29). Step 2 (For windage) barrel assembly (1) out of alignment with rear sight on up per receiver.

Align barrel assembly (1) and upper receiver (p 3-291

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