To avoid injury to your eyes, use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.

5. Drive out spring pin (9) using a 3/32 Inch punch Catch helical spring (10) when punch is withdrawn.

6. Rotate elevation index (11) until rear sight assembly base (12) clears upper receiver (8). Catch ball bearing (13) and helical spring (14) as rear sight base clears.

7. Push elevation index (11) out with thumb using slight rotation motion. Catch ball bearing (15) and helical spring (16).

8. Use 1 16 Inch allen wrench to remove index screw (17). Discard Index screw (1 7) Separate elevation index (11) from elevation knob (18) by hand.

M249 Major Components


9. Remove pin (1 9) using 3,32 Inch drive pin punch and hand hammer .

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