Burst Fire Mode Ma

When the selector lever is set on the BURST position (Figure 2-13), the rifle fires a three-round burst if the trigger is held to the rear during the complete cycle. The weapon continues to fire three-round bursts with each separate trigger pull as long as ammunition is in the magazine. Releasing the trigger or exhausting ammunition at any point in the three-round cycle interrupts fire, producing one or two shots. Reapplying the trigger only completes the interrupted cycle -it does not begin a new one. This is not a malfunction. The M16A2 disconnector has a three-cam mechanism that continuously rotates with each firing cycle. Based on the position of the disconnector cam, the first trigger pull (after initial selection of the BURST position) can produce one, two, or three firing cycles before the trigger must be pulled again. The burst cam rotates until it reaches the stop notch.

NOTE: See the operator's manual for a detailed discussion on the burst position.

Three Round Bursts Mode Mechanism

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