Duties Of The Instructortrainer

The instructor/trainer helps the firer master the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. He ensures that the firer consistently applies what he has learned. Then, it is a matter of practice, and the firer soon acquires good firing skills. When training the beginner, the instructor/trainer could confront problems such as fear, nervousness, forgetfulness, failure to understand, and a lack of coordination or determination. An expert firer is often unaware that some problems are complicated by arrogance and carelessness. With all types of firers, the instructor/trainer must ensure that firers are aware of their firing errors, understand the causes, and apply remedies. Sometimes errors are not evident. The instructor/trainer must isolate errors, explain them, and help the firer concentrate on correcting them.

Observing the Firer. The instructor/trainer observes the firer during drills and in the act of firing to pinpoint errors. If there is no indication of probable error, then the firer's position, breath control, shot anticipation, and trigger squeeze are closely observed.

Questioning the Firer. The firer is asked to detect his errors and to explain his firing procedure to include position, aiming, breath control, and trigger squeeze.

Analyzing the Shot Group. This is an important step in detecting and correcting errors. When analyzing a target, the instructor/trainer critiques and correlates observations of the firer to probable errors in performance, according to the shape and size of shot groups. A poor shot group is usually caused by more than one observable error.

NOTE: To assist instructors/trainers, TVTs 7-1 and 7-2 should be viewed before conducting training.

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