Effects Of Aiming Modifications

The normal amount of cant needed by most firers to properly see through the sights has a limited influence on rounds fired at ranges of 75 meters or less. At longer ranges, however, the change in bullet strike becomes more pronounced.

Rifle ballistics (Appendix F) causes the strike of the bullet to impact low in the direction of the cant (when a cant is used) at longer ranges. Due to this shift in bullet strike and the many individual differences in sight alignment when wearing a protective mask, it is important to conduct downrange feedback training (Appendix G) at ranges beyond 75 meters. This allows soldiers to determine what aiming adjustments are needed to achieve center target hits. Figure 4-8 shows what might be expected for a right-handed firer engaging a target at 175 meters with no cant, a certain amount of cant, and the adjustment in point of aim needed to move the bullet strike to the center of the target. Figure 4-9 shows what might be expected for a right-handed firer engaging a 300-meter target. (The adjustments in point of aim for left-handed firers are the opposite of those shown in Figures 4-8 and 4-9.)

Adjusted Aiming Point For M16

Although bullet strike is displaced when using a cant, individual differences are such that center-of-mass aiming should be used until the individual knows what aiming adjustment is needed. When distant targets are missed, a right-handed firer should usually adjust his point of aim to the right and high; a left-handed firer should adjust to the left and high. Then, the aiming rules are clear. All targets should initially be engaged by aiming center mass, regardless of cant. When targets are missed while using a cant, firers should adjust the point of aim higher and opposite the direction of the cant. Actual displacement of the aiming point must be determined by using downrange feedback targets at ranges beyond 75 meters.

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