1. Range packet and clearance form.

2. Safety fan and diagram if applicable

3. Other safety equipment (aiming circle, compass).

4. Appropriate publications pertaining to the training that will be conducted.

5. Lesson plans, status reports, and reporting folder.

6. Range flag and light (night firing).

7. Radios.

8. Field telephone and wire.

9. 292 antenna, if necessary.

10. PA set with backup bullhorn(s).

11. Concurrent training markers.

12. Training aids for concurrent training stations.

13. Sandbags.

14. Tentage (briefing tent, warm-up tent).

15. Space heaters, if needed.

16. Colored helmets for control personnel.

17. Safety paddles and vehicle flag sets or lights.

18. Ambulance or designated vehicle.

19. Earplugs.

20. Water for drinking and cleaning.

21. Scorecards.

22. Master score sheet.

23. Armorers' tools and cleaning equipment for weapons.

24. Brooms, shovels, and other cleaning supplies and equipment.

25. Tables and chairs, if needed.

26. Target accessories.

27. Fire extinguishers.

28. Tarp, stakes, and rope to cover the ammunition.

29. Toilet paper.

30. Spare weapons and repair parts as needed.

31. Tow bar and slave cables for vehicles.

32. Fuel and oil for vehicle and target mechanisms.

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