Target Box Paddledvc-t-786

TASK: Apply the four fundamentals of rifle marksmanship in the integrated act of firing with the M16A1/A2 rifle (live fire).

CONDITIONS: Day, on a 25-meter firing range, given a 250-meter (M16A1) or 300-meter (M16A2) zero target placed in the center of an E-type silhouette, M16A1/A2 rifle, and 27 rounds of ammunition while wearing a helmet and LBE.

STANDARDS: From the supported position, fire up to 27 rounds or less in 3-round shot groups and achieve two consecutive 3-round shot groups (measured separately) within the plastic target-box paddle template (DVC-T 786) 4-cm circle.

NOTE: Once the soldier has demonstrated a consistency in his point of aim and achieved the standard in less than 27 rounds, a bold sight adjustment can be made to bring the groups closer to the aim point in preparation for subsequent training.

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