TASK: Battlesight zero an M16A1/A2 rifle.

CONDITIONS: On a 25-meter range, given an M16A1/A2 from the supported position, 18 rounds of 5.56-mm ammunition, 250-meter (M16A1) or 300-meter (M16A2) zeroing target placed on the standard E-type silhouette, sandbag for support, and an M16A1/A2 rifle while wearing a helmet and LBE.

STANDARDS: Each student must adjust the sights so that 5 out of 6 rounds in two consecutive shot groups strike within the 4-cm circle on the 25-meter zero target.

NOTE: Bullets that break the line of the 4-cm circle should be used in evaluating the soldier's overall performance of the standard. Soldiers not achieving an acceptable zero in 18 rounds will be diagnosed on the Weaponeer and given appropriate remedial training. Once the soldier's problem has been corrected, he returns to the firing line and is given up to 18 additional rounds for zeroing. A careful serviceability check of the weapon is made for all soldiers failing to zero on the second attempt.

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