Identification Number

Training Aids and Devices

Weaponeer -Remedial Rifle Marksmanship Trainer

M15A2 Blank Firing attachment

Chamber Block (M16A1/A2)

DVC 7-57

Supply Item (see TM) Local TASC Expendable Item

M16 Sighting Device (A1 or A2)(Left DVC-T 7-84 and Right)

Target Box Paddle Riddle Device

DVC-T 7-86

DVC-T 7-87

M16 Rifle Brass Deflector

DVC-T 7-87

M15A1 Aiming Card

M16A1 Disassembly Mat (Paper)

M16A1 Display Mat (Canvas)

Rifle Rest (for target-box exercise)

Rifle Rest (Portable)

Front and Rear Sight, M16 Rifle

Front and Rear Sight, M16A2 Rifle


GTA 09-06-43

TAD-0034 (locally) TAD-12 (locally) TAD-12 (locally) TAD-26 (locally) TAD-0026A

Rotating Panel Chalkboard Holder for

TAD-4 (locally)

GTA Charts

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