Location Of Miss And Hit Lomah System

LOMAH is a range aid used during downrange feedback exercises. The device uses acoustical triangulation to compute the exact location of a supersonic bullet as it passes through a target. The bullet impact is displayed instantly on a video monitor at the firing line. Of more importance, it shows the location of a bullet miss, thereby, allowing the firer to make either a sight adjustment or a hold off for subsequent shots.

LOMAH, like other devices, is only an aid. Understanding the weapon and firing techniques, and having a coach/instructor are required when the soldier uses LOMAH.

LOMAH ranges have been fielded in USAREUR and Korea. In locations where known distance (KD) ranges are not available and restrictions prohibit walking downrange, LOMAH is a practical alternative to essential downrange feedback. Requests for LOMAH devices should be sent to: Commander, US Army Training Support Center, ATIC-DM, Fort Eustis VA 23604.

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