Moving Target Techniques

There are two primary techniques of engaging moving targets.

Tracking. Tracking is a more accurate technique of engaging targets by experienced firers. It involves the establishment and maintaining of the aiming point in relationship to the target and maintaining that sight picture (moving with the target) while squeezing the trigger. As the target moves, this technique puts the firer in position for a second shot if the first one misses.

Trapping. Trapping is the setting up of an aiming point forward of the target and along the target path. The trigger is squeezed as the target comes into the sights. This is a technique that works on targets with slow lateral movement. It does not require tracking skills. It does require that the firer know precisely when the rifle is going to fire. Some soldiers can squeeze the trigger without reacting to the rifle firing, and they may fire better using this technique.

Another technique is to use a modified 25-meter scaled timed-fire silhouette (see Figure 4-10). Trainers evaluate performance based on where shot groups are placed when the lead rule is applied. This target can be used for both the M16A1 and M16A2 rifles.

M16a1 Slow Fire Target

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