Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator

MACS has been developed by the US Army as an inexpensive part-task marksmanship trainer (Figure C-10).

Figure C-10. Multipurpose arcade combat simulator.

M16 Sighting Devices And Training Aids

The system consists of a Commodore 64 microcomputer, 13-inch color monitor, specially designed longdistance light pen, and mount, which attaches to the M16 rifle. (Some versions use a permanent mount on a demilitarized rifle.) 'Me system is activated by a program cartridge, which contains several training exercises.

MACS was designed to enhance other training techniques and existing training aids and devices that are used to train and sustain marksmanship skills. It is not designed to replace live-fire training or to eliminate the need for knowledgeable instructors. MACS provides additional practice for those units that do not have access to adequate range facilities or have other resource constraints.

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