Multipurpose Range Complex Trainup

MPRCs require soldiers to hit moving targets. Ranges are used for collective training. Commanders should try to use the MPRCs for individual training and to teach the individual to engage moving targets. If no MPRCs are available for individual training, any range can be used that will support any type of moving target. Building a moving target range is limited only by the imagination of the trainer, but always within safety constraints. The following are examples that can be incorporated on many ranges.

Popsicle Sticks. This requires placing an E-type silhouette on a long stick and having an individual walk back and forth behind a high berm (high enough to protect the individual from fire) the length of the berm. Feedback should be made available for the firer such as for lowering the target when a hit is scored or reversing direction upon a bit.

Sled Targets. This requires constructing a simple sled that has one or more targets attached. The sled is pulled by a rope or cable across and off the range safely by a vehicle.

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