Range Operations Checklist

This checklist consists of nine sections, each covering a different topic relating to range operations.

The checklist should be modified to include local policy changes to the regulations or SOPS. The person responsible for the training must answer the questions in each section. Ask yourself each question in order. Record each "Yes" answer by placing a check in the GO column. Record a "No" or "Don't know" by checking the NO-GO column. Refer to the checklist to find the GO and NO-GO columns.

When all the questions in a section are asked, look back over the NO-GOS. Contact the people who reported them and ask if they have corrected each problem. If so, change the answer to GO. If any NO-GO remains, analyze it and implement a countermeasure for the shortfall. Afterwards, check to ensure the countermeasures work. Before range operations start, be sure a workable countermeasure is implemented for each safety hazard presented by a NO-GO answer.

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