Range Stake Meters

exposed. Crawl to new position in five-meter crawling movements. Fire

75 42A-43A-44A-45A 46A

40B-41B-42B-43B 44B

3 one blank round for each new 2

4 position. (Five rounds for each

5 target man.) Good aiming point

6 positions.

100 39A-40A-41A-42A

37B-38B-39B-40B 41B

7 Reference points increase in difficulty each time.

2. Start Same as above. Poor aiming point positions, but reference points available.

300 9A-10A-11A-12A-13A-14A

11B-12B-13B-14B 15B-16B-7C-8C-9C-10C-11C-12C-9C-10C-11C-12C-13C-14C 200 12C-13C-14C-15C 16C-17C

14C-15C-16C-17C 18C-19C

8 3. Start with target men walking through woods or other partial concealment. Disappear when fired on. Make five 4-second rushes to positions with good aiming points. Fire one blank round from last position.

4. Start from kneeling position behind bush. Make five rushes. DDisappear where there is a poor aiming point. Reference points available but not easy;

4-2-4-4 seconds. Fire one blank round from last position.

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