Section Foolproofing

1. Write an overall lesson plan for the range.

2. Organize a plan for firing:

• Determine range organization.

• Outline courses of fire to be used.

• Have fire commands typed for use on range.

• Set rotation of stations.

3. Rehearse concurrent training instructors and assistants.

4. Brief RATELO on unique range control radio procedures.

5. Brief and rehearse reporting NCO on range operation and all his duties.

6. Collect and concentrate equipment for use on the range in one location.

7. Obtain training aids.

8. Pick up targets from range warehouse, if required.

9. Report to range control for safety briefing (if required) and sign for any special items.

10. Publish LOI:

• Uniform of range and firing personnel (helmets and earplugs).

• Mode of transportation, departure times and places. Methods of messing to be used.

Any special requirements being placed on units.

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