Unit Livefire Exercises

Unit live-fire exercises are planned, prepared, and performed as outlined in the mission training plan for the infantry platoon and squad. It is within the framework of these exercises that the soldier performs marksmanship tasks under realistic combat conditions.

During training, the fundamentals must apply to combat as well as to the range. Too often soldiers disregard the fundamentals while under the pressure of combat. Therefore, it is imperative the soldier receives feedback regarding his firing results and his use of the fundamentals during collective live-fire exercises. This training should also discuss target acquisition, area fire, quick fire, assuming firing positions, responding to oral fire commands, and safety. Dry fire or MILES rehearsals at crawl, walk, and run paces are required to learn SOPs and proper procedures.

Enough evaluators must be present during training to observe each soldier to provide performance feedback. The evaluator must know the scenario, the location of targets, the friendly plan, and SOPS. He must watch to determine if the soldier identifies targets in his sector and successfully engages them. The evaluator must also know the fundamentals of marksmanship to detect soldier mistakes and review them during the AAR.

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