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A unit cannot sustain marksmanship proficiency based only on qualification preceded by preliminary training. Soldier skills and marksmanship fundamentals deteriorate within two months, and mechanical skills weaken even sooner. Dry-fire training can strengthen marksmanship skills and assess their deterioration.

Each new soldier should be assigned a rifle and must perform shot grouping, zero firing, and diagnostic testing to assess training status. Many of the non firing tasks may be accomplished as opportunity training or concurrent training.

NOTE: Mechanical training can be considered as part of the normal weapons maintenance. Using details to clean weapons deprives soldiers of refresher training.

Problem firers must be given special attention. They must participate in bimonthly training on the Weaponeer or dry-fire exercises. When fielded, the basic/advanced rifle marksmanship trainer will provide leaders with a better method of sustaining marksmanship skills since it provides accurate feedback.

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