Detailed Cleaning

Don't mix up the parts of your rifle with those of your buddy. BORE. The bore of your M16A2 has lands and grooves called riling.Rifling makes the bullet spin very fast as it moves down the bore and down range. Because it twists so quickly, it is difficult to push a new, stiff bore brush through the bore. You will find it muich easier to pull your bore brush through the bore. AIso, because the brush will clean better if the bristles follow the grooves (called tracking), you want the bore brush to be allowed to turn as you pull it through. This is how you do it:

1 Swab out the bore with a patch moistened with CLP.

2 Attach three rod sections together but leave each one about two turns short of being tight.

3 Attach the bore brush but leave it two turns short also.


This whole process will go quicker if you use the "buddy system" on the cleaning rods. Set one rod up with a patch holder and the other with a bore brush.

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