Facts About Your Rifle

The M16A2 rifle system consists of a rifle, a magazine, and a sling. It is a lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired weapon that can be fired either in automatic three-round bursts or semiautomatic single shots. Other features:

• Upper receiver and barrel assembly has a fully adjustable rear sight and a compensator that helps keep the muzzle down during firing.

• Upper and lower receivers are easily opened for cleaning and inspection.

• Bolt group and barrel extension are designed with locking lugs that lock bolt group to barrel extension.

• An aluminum receiver reduces the weight of the rifle.

• The bore and chamber are chrome plated.


5.56 mm Weight:

W/30 rounds mag 3.99 Kg (8.79 lb) approx Length:

Rifle w/compensator 39 5/8 inches Mechanical features:

Rifling (RH 1/7 twist) Firing characteristics:

Muzzle velocity (approx) 3,100 fps Chamber pressure 52,000 psi Cyclic rate of fire (approx) 800 rounds per min Max effective rates of fire:

Semi : 45 rounds per min Burst: 90 rounds per min Sustained rate of tire:

12/1 5 rounds per min Max effective range:

550 meters (individual/point targets) 800 meters (area targets) Max range:

3534 meters


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