Periodic Inspection Of Rifle Periodically check rifle

to make sure it's clean and there is no foreign material in bore. If foreign material is in bore, clean bore (page 76).

If foreign material is in bore.



Be sure rifle is clear. Refer to pages 7 and 8.

Clean and lubricate rifle after firing approximately 200 rounds of ammunition (page 29) or at the end of the day.

MAINTENANCE OF RIFLE AND EQUIPMENT. Disassemble rifle (page 9). Clean and lubricate according to pages 16 thru 34. Disassemble magazine. Clean and lubricate according to page 41. Clean and lubricate bayonet and scabbard. Report all damaged or missing parts to unit armorer.

Change the next sentence to read "Slowly release the trigger without stops or hesitations. Pull the trigger."

Add NOTE after SEMI paragraph:

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