1. This publication lists all components and accessories for collection-type supply items, such as major combinations, systems, groups, outfits, kits, sets or assortments. The components to be issued with the end item are identified under the heading of "SUPPLY SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY" and when required, under the heading "COLLATERAL MATERIEL." End items requiring collateral materiel are governed by whether the end item is initial or replacement issue. The Marine Corps Logistics Support Base, Atlantic will direct whether the initial issue of the end item is with a collateral materiel set or replacement issue without collateral materiel. The components to be issued will consist of the quantity of items annotated in the "Quantity Used in Unit" column. The "USING UNIT RESPONSIBILITY" heading will reflect those items that are to be requisitioned separately through the supply system when applicable.


2. This listing comprises the major portion of this publication. The data, arranged in columnar form, presents the information needed to identify the item and determine its type of issue.

3. Item Number (Column 1). This column specifies a number assignment for each item as it appears in the list. Numbers are assigned in sequence and are for reference purposes only.

4. Stock Number (Column 2). This column furnishes the National Stock Number (NSN) and to the item.

5. Reference Designation/Figure-Key (Column 3). This column indicates circuit-symbol number designators or figure and index numbers to refer an item to a circuit diagram or illustration.

6. Model (Column4). This column indicates in alphabetical code the specific application of components, or assemblies when more than one model of the end item is contained in this publication.

7. Item Identification (Column 5). This column provides the item name and description listed under the heading of either "SUPPLY SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY," "COLLATERAL MATERIEL" or "USING UNIT RESPONSIBILITY." (See paragraphs 10, 11, and 12.)

8. Unit of Measure (Column 6). This column gives the measurement standard of each item. It may or may not be the same as the unit of issue. For example, the unit of issue of a certain wire is coil but only 4 feet are required for the end item. Therefore, the unit of measure shown will not be used for requisitioning purposes. For the proper unit of issue and other required management data, refer to the applicable Management Data List (ML) when requisitioning.

9. Quantity Used in Unit (Column 7). This column lists the total quantity of an item according to the unit of measure, required for full functional operation of the end item.


10. Supply System Responsibility. All or a portion of the items in this category, as appropriate for the type of issue, will be furnished by the supply system. Any item requiring replacement, while the end item is outside the stores distribution system, is the responsibility of the holding organization or using unit.

11. Collateral Materiel. All of the items in this category will be furnished with the end item when the end item is being shipped as initial issue. The 9999-00-000-0000 NSN shown under the heading of "COLLATERAL MATERIEL" is for control within the distribution system only, and is not authorized for requisitioning purposes.

12. Using Unit Resposibility. Items in this category will not be issued with the end item. They must be requisitioned through the supply system. The end item will be complete only when the total quantity of items shown in the "Quantity Used in Unit" column as well as those items listed under the heading "SUPPLY SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY" and "COLLATERAL MATERIEL" are on hand.


13. Major items returned under this program will be evacuated under the provision(s) of the applicable Marine Corps Order(s) with the items listed under Supply System Responsibility. Repair, rebuild end replacement under a 5th Echelon rehabilitation program will be limited to these items only. Those items under the heading "COLLATERAL MATERIEL" shall be held by using organizations for application to the replacement end items.


14. Changes to this publication will be issued as required.

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