The MMA carbine has a four position buttstock closed open open and full open

Page 16. Add the following:

"Wherever the term CLP or the words lube or lubricant are cited in this TM, it is to be interpreted to mean that CLP, LSA, or LAW can be utilized as applicable. DO NOT mix lubricants on the same weapon. The weapon must be thoroughly cleaned during change from one lubricant to another. Dry cleaning solvent (SD) is recommended for cleaning during change from one lubricant to another."

Page 26. Add to the NOTE:

"If CLP is not used, RBC maybe used to remove carbon within the bore. Dry cleaning solvent may be used to completely remove lubricants."

Page 29. Add lubricating procedures for M4A1 upper receiver and carrying handle as follows:

1. Apply a drop or two of lubricant to both threaded studs.

2. Lightly lube the clamping bar and both round nuts.

3. Lightly lube the mating surfaces of the carrying handle assembly and upper receiver.

Page 38. Add caution, note, reassemble procedure, and illustration after step 8:


Should the round nuts and the clamping bar be inadvertently removed, the clamping bar must be reinstalled on the threaded studs in a manner not to protrude past the front of the carrying handle. The round nuts should be reinstalled on the threaded studs.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to reflare the end of the threaded stud if the nuts have been removed.

"8.1. The carrying handle assembly should be reinstalled with the front stud positioned into the first notch in the front of the upper receiver mounting surface, Holding the carrying handle assembly flat against the top of the upper receiver, slide the clamping bar against the receiver with the lower edge underneath the slotted portion. Using finger pressure only, firmly tighten both round nuts."




Page 45, Add to the BURST paragraph "(M16A2 and M4 ONLY)". Add "AUTO" to the functional check as follows:

"AUTO (M4A1 ONLY) - Pull the charging handle to the rear, cocking the weapon. Squeeze the trigger; hammer should fall. Hold the trigger to the rear and cock the weapon. Fully release the trigger then squeeze it to the rear again. The hammer should not fall because it should have fallen when the bolt was allowed to move forward during the cocking sequence. "

Add the following to the PMCS table: 2.1 UPPER RECEIVER - Carrying Handle Assembly

Check for missing or damaged parts and insure the handle assembly will mount to the upper receiver.

Handle assembly is missing or has damaged parts, or will not mount to upper receiver.

Page 50. Add "M16A2 ONLY" to the impact and distance columns in basic TM. Add the following information to the impact and distance columns: 1.2 cm (1/2 in) 25 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY)

Page 51. Add "M16A2 ONLY" to the impact and distance columns in basic TM. Add the following information to the impact and distance columns: 0.5 cm (3/16 in) 25 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY)

1.9 cm (3/4 in) 100 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY) 4.8 cm (1 1/2 in) 200 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY)

5.7 cm (2 1/4 in) 300 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY) 7.6 cm (3 in) 400 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY)

9.5 cm (3 3/4 in) 11.4 cm (4 1/2 in) 13.3 cm (5 1/4) 15.3 cm (6 in)

500 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY) 600 meters (M4/M4A1 ONLY) 700 meters (M4 ONLY) 800 meters (M4 ONLY)

Page 56. Add to para 2., "600 meters maximum for M4A1."

Page 59. Add to first paragraph, second sentence, after 800 meters:, "(M16A2 and M4) 500 or 600 meters (M4A1):

Para c, change the reference pages to "132-133"

Page 61. Add AUTO after burst paragraph:

"AUTO (M4A1 ONLY) - Carbine will continue to fire as long as the trigger is pulled."

Page 86. Add after the first sentence in the Check For and What To Do columns:

Light indentation Notify unit armor.

on the primer.

Page 103. Replace FM's 3-87, FM 21-40, and TM 3-220 with the following: FM 3-3 NBC Contamination Avoidance

FM 3-4 NBC Protection

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination

FM 3-100 NBC Defense, Chemical Warfare, Smoke, and Flame Operations TM 3-4230-216-10 Operator's Manual for Decontaminating Kit,

Skin: M258A1 and Training Aid, Skin Decontaminating: M58A1

Add "(M4A1) and the word Yellow" after (M4 Carbine) for the blank firing attachment, M23.

Page 123. Add the following item to the AAL:

8465-00-781-9564 CASE, MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT: for weapons wit bout buttstock stowage (81349) MIL-C-43737 (CARBINE ONLY)

Page 129. Add the following items to the expendable list: 2.1 C 6850-00-224-6656 CLEANING COMPOUND, RIFLE BORE: OZ

small arms bore cleaning solution (RBC) (81349) MIL-C-372 2 oz (59.15 ml) bottle

Page 130/(1 31 blank). Add the following item to the expendable list:

C 9150-00-935-6597 C 9150-00-889-3522

LUBRICATING OIL, WEAPONS: (LSA), semifluid (81 349) MIL-L-46000 2 oz (59.1 5 ml) plastic btl 4oz(118.30 ml) plastic btl


Page 132 and 133. Chart

By Order of the Secretary of the Army:


General, United States Army Chief of Staff




Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army


DISTRIBUTION: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-40-E, Block 0016 requirements for TM 9-1005-319-10.

TM 9-1005-319-10 C2


Washington, DC 23 June 1993

Operator's Manual W/COMPONENTS LIST RIFLE, 5.56-MM,

M16A2 W/E (1005-01-128-9936

TM 9-1005-319-10, August 1986, is changed to add the M4 Carbine to this TM. Changes are as follows:

Page Cover. Add "CARBINE, 5.56-MM, M4 W/E, (1005-01-231-0973)" to cover.



Be sure to clear weapon before disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, transporting, or storing.

Page 2. Add to the header after RIFLE, "/CARBINE".

Add before the first paragraph:

When a procedure is common to M16A2 rifle and M4 carbine, ONLY the M16A2 configuration will be depicted. If a procedure is not common to both weapons, the procedure will be incorporated.

Page 3. Add the word "loaded" to the rifle information on line four before the word rounds.

Add carbine information as follows:

Weight: W/30 (loaded) rounds mag 3.31 Kg (7.5 lb) Length: Buttstock closed 29.75 inches ButtStock open 33.0 inches

Firing characteristics:

Muzzle velocity 2970 fps Cyclic rate of fire 700-900 rounds per min Max effective range:

500 meters (individual/point targets) 800 meters (area targets)

Change Max range 3534 meters to 3600 (for rifle and carbine)

Page 4. Add illustration of carbine buttstock to show lock release 'ever of buttstock:



Page 9. Replace buttstock w/sling illustration with the following and add illustration of M4 Carbine sling:

Page 10. Add caution berfore the NOTE.

Page 10. Add caution berfore the NOTE.


Do not use a screwdriver or any other tool when removing the handguards. Doing so may damage the handguard and/or SIipring.


21 Extend buttstock assembly.

22 Grasp the lock release lever in the area of the retaining nut, pull downward, and slide buttstock to the rear to separate the buttstock assembly from the lower receiver extension. "



Page 22. Add "Clean carbine lower receiver extension and buttstock."

Page 28. Lube guide change "0 F AND -35 F" to "+10 F AND - 10 F". Change the thermometer to correspond with the text.

"Grasp the lock release lever in the area of the retaining nut and pull to reinstall the buttstock assembly onto the lower receiver extension."




Before starting an inspection, be sure to clear the rifle (p. 7). Do not squeeze the trigger until the rifle has been cleared. Inspect the chamber to ensure that it is empty and no ammunition is in position to be chambered. Do not keep live ammunition near work area.

B - Before Operation D - During Operation A - After Operation Item Interval ITEM TO BE lNSPECTED Equipment is NOT No. B D A Procedure READY/AVAlLABLE IF:

a. Magazine slips easily into the magazine well and locks in place.

Magazine is distorted or is hard to seat in magazine well.

b. Magazine follower has spring tension and moves easily inside of magazine.

Magazine follower is stuck or has weak spring tension.

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