A hangfire occurs when a round jams in a hot weapon

a. Hangfire Procedures (Combat Only). In a typical tactical situation, a moving armored vehicle closes on the position and moves to within 1,000 meters.

(1) Remove the sight from the round and place it on the ground away from the firing site. Keep the round pointed toward the enemy; advise nearby soldiers of the round's failure to fire.

(2) Obtain a new round and mount the sight to it.

(3) Acquire the previous target and continue with the mission.

b. Hangfire Procedures (Training Only).

(1) The gunner notifies the range officer or NCOIC about the hangfire.

(2) The gunner removes the round from his shoulder and places the round flat on the ground. The gunner ensures the bipod legs are pointing to the side, with the round pointing downrange.

(3) The gunner moves away from the position.

(4) The range officer or NCOIC clears all personnel within 50 meters of the round and notifies the EOD.

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