Operation And Function

The trainer programs the target. Using the DGT mouse and controls, he selects a target and its missions. He also chooses from several options that affect the target's level of difficulty. The target will appear in both the trainer's and the firer's viewers. The firer's viewer has crosshairs. He moves the DGT launcher, placing the crosshairs on the target. He keeps the crosshairs on the target until the missile explodes. Through the headset, he will hear the simulated sounds of the Dragon: the firing of thrusters (when he adjusts his aim) and the blast itself. He will see the impact and know at once whether he hit or missed the target. Throughout this training, he can hear the trainer's commands as well as the battlefield sounds of small arms and artillery fire. At the end of each mission, the trainer's screen displays the firer's score. He can replay or save the mission for future use. If the trainer sets up a printer to use with the DGT, he can print a copy of the mission performance results.

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