BMP Infantry Combat Vehicle

Classification. Main characteristics of the BMP infantry combat vehicle include—

• An engine mounted in the front right of the vehicle and visible from its front and right.

• A taut track pattern and, at close ranges, visible wheels and support rollers.

• A low overall profile that can be seen at higher settings.

• A gun tube that can be seen when the gun has recently fired.

Side-View Identification. The right side of the BMP infantry combat vehicle is hotter than its left side and is usually more recognizable than other views. The engine appears as a large red spot in the forward half, and the exhaust port is hotter and brighter red than the engine. The tracks and engine area appear together to form a boat-like shape on the right side. BMP characteristics visible from both sides include—

• A track pattern that can be seen at long ranges.

• A forward end that slopes upward from the track to the front fender.

• Cool track fenders that block the view of the upper track.

• A long, low shape that can be seen at high settings. Front-View Identification. BMP characteristics visible from the front include—

• An engine located in the right front, indicated by a square-shaped red spot.

• A cool, front deck panel, indicated by a black line across the engine's red spot.

• A sometimes visible exhaust plume which vents upward from the right side of the vehicle.

• An exhaust port that can be seen as a small red spot in the top-right corner of the engine's larger red spot.

• Visible tracks, with a small gap separating the red spot of the vehicle's left track from the engine's red spot.

• A turret that cannot be seen at long ranges.

Effects of Motion. The direction of movement may reveal the location of the engine, and changing target views may reveal other features such as—

• A transport system that becomes warmer and more visible during movement.

• A slower bounce than a lighter vehicle.

• A sometimes visible exhaust plume whose direction may indicate the direction of movement.

Figure I-7. BMP infantry combat vehicle.

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