BRDM Reconnaissance Vehicle

Classification. Main characteristics of the BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicle include—

• A rear engine and exhaust.

• A pattern of separate, wheel-sized red spots.

• An overall profile of a hull with (or without) turret.

• A gun tube that can be seen when the gun has recently fired. Side-View Identification. BRDM-2 characteristics visible from both sides include —

• The vehicle's small overall size, indicated in part by the short distance between the two tires clearly visible on each side.

• A distinctive heat pattern formed by the rear mufflers and wheels. This pattern is clear even at long ranges. Left and right views are the same.

• The rear engine, which is clearly visible at long ranges.

• Two mufflers, one on each side of the top rear deck, which enlarge the hot spot created by the engine area.

• A choppy ride over rough terrain that is noticeable even at long ranges. Front-View Identification. BRDM-2 characteristics visible from the front include —

• Two warm tires separated by a cool hull. The red spot of the differential may be visible between the front tires.

• A cool front hull, indicating a rear engine.

note: Setting the brightness and contrast controls on high makes the entire front of this vehicle appear hot.

• The dark surfboard across the front of the hull can be seen.

• The tires are set closer together than the tracks of most armored vehicles.

• A greater height-to-width ratio than most armored vehicles, so that it appears narrower and taller.

• Over rough terrain, the vehicle tends to bounce more than armored vehicles.

Effects of Motion. The vehicle's direction of movement may indicate the location of its engine. Other characteristics that observers could see when the BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicle moves include—

• A transport system that becomes warmer and more visible during movement.

• A sometimes visible exhaust plume whose direction indicates the direction of movement.

Figure I-9. BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicle.

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