BTR Armored Personnel Carrier

Classification. Main characteristics of the BTR-60 include—

• A rear engine and multiple wheels that can be distinguished from the side at long ranges.

• Mufflers on the rear deck that intensify the rear-engine compartment cue.

• A long, high profile, apparent even at long ranges.

• A gun tube that can be seen when the gun has recently fired. Side-View Identification. BTR-60 characteristics visible from both sides include—

• A rear engine, which creates the brightest spot on the image.

• Four large, inflatable tires on each side, with a gap between the front and rear pairs.

• Two mufflers mounted over the rear engine compartment.

• A small turret that can be seen at medium ranges and that sometimes can be seen at long ranges.

• Identical left-side and right-side views.

Front-View Identification. BTR-60 characteristics visible from the front include—

• A pattern across the front surface, caused by variations in temperature, visible as multiple shapes.

• A cool surfboard that divides the top and bottom halves of the front hull.

• A cool front, unless the personnel heater is in use.

• Shock absorbers that can be seen at medium ranges.

Effects of Motion. The vehicle's direction of movement may indicate the location of its engine, which will get hotter as it operates and thus brighter red. Other characteristics that observers could see when the BTR-60 moves include—

• Its wheels, which will become more visible as they get warmer.

• Its mufflers, which will also become more visible as they get hot.

• A slow bounce, even on rough terrain, which identifies it as a large vehicle.

• A sometimes visible exhaust plume whose direction indicates the direction of movement.

NOTE: Some of the heat from the muffler merges with the heat from the front hull and wheels, making a front three-quarter view of this vehicle more confusing than the same view of other vehicles.

Figure I-8. BTR-60 armored personnel carrier.

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