Carrying Techniques

Gunners can use either the long-distance or short-distance carry with the Dragon.

a. Long-Distance Carry. The Dragon gunner normally carries the round and the sight separately. This carrying technique is most often used during long-distance moves such as foot marches or cross-country travel, or when contact is not likely. For long-distance travel, the gunner uses carrying technique 1, 2, or 3, as shown in Figure 2-1 (page 2-2).

b. Short-Distance Carry. The gunner can carry the Dragon short distances with the sight mated to the round. When using this type of carry, the gunner must keep the forward protective shock absorber and lens covers in place until the weapon is likely to be used. The protective lens covers prevent possible damage to the sight lens and keep foreign objects out of the launcher. Carry technique 4 and 5, also shown in Figure 2-1 (page 2-2), can be used with the round and the sight mated. The soldier should only use one of these carry techniques when firing is likely. Otherwise, he should avoid carrying the weapon system in a ready-to-fire configuration.

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