DO NOT use mechanical methods to destroy live missiles

a. Launching. The easiest and best way to destroy the missile is to fire it into enemy territory. After doing this, smash the launcher with axes, picks, and so on, or drive over it with a tracked vehicle.

b. Exploding. Explosives not only destroy the missile, but also the launcher. Placing one-half pound of explosive material on the round near the warhead should destroy the round (Figure H-1, page H-3).



Figure H-1. Explosive charge on a round.

(1) Determine whether you can use electric blasting caps and wire or nonelectric blasting caps and safety fuzes to prime and detonate the explosive charges.

(a) If you prime the charges with electric blasting caps, take cover before firing them.

(b) If you prime the charges with nonelectric caps, crimp them onto at length of safety fuze at least 2 meters (6 1/2 feet) long. Once you prime the charges, ignite the safety fuzes and take cover at once.

(2) Use detonating cord to connect the charges. This produces a simultaneous detonation. Dual-prime the charges to reduce the possibility of a misfire.

c. Burning. If time allows after you have done as much damage as you can to the components using the other methods, burn the debris. Use vehicle fuels and lubricants to aid burning. You can also place one or more incendiary grenades on each component or part.

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