Gunner Sustainment Training

Units conduct gunner sustainment training to maintain a high level of gunner proficiency. Training is divided into monthly, quarterly, and annual training phases.

a. Monthly Sustainment Training. Units conduct monthly training eight months of the year. The other four months, they conduct quarterly qualification or verification (on the DGT).

• One month, gunners perform half the tasks in Table 7-1 (page 7-2) using Firing Tables 1 and 2.

• In alternate months, gunners perform the other half of the tasks using Firing Tables 3 and 4.

• Each month, each gunner must score 16 out of 20 hits.

b. Quarterly Training. Each quarter, gunners fire practice qualification (Firing Table 7) and qualification (Firing Table 8). Each table includes 20 target engagements. Gunners must complete successfully all the tasks shown in Table 7-1. Anyone who fails to verify his qualification must retrain and retest. The qualification standards follow:

c. Annual Training. The commander follows one quarterly training period a year with an annual live-fire exercise. This exercise really tests the gunners' training. Commanders must ensure that only qualified Dragon gunners fire the live missiles. They must exclude from the live-fire exercise any gunner who fails to qualify on DFTT Table 6 or DGT Table 8. Allowing unqualified gunners to fire jeopardizes everyone else present.

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