M Armored Personnel Carrier

Classification. Main characteristics of the front-engine M113 APC include—

• An oval-shaped track and road wheel pattern.

• A box-shaped hull with no turret.

Side-View Identification. From the right, even at long ranges, you can see the M113 APC's characteristic front hot corner. From the left, you can see a cool box shape. Characteristics visible from both sides include—

• A track skirt, which gives the track a low profile.

• Five evenly spaced road wheels.

Front-View Identification. The M113 APC's characteristic hot spot can be seen on its front right corner. Other characteristics visible from the front include—

• A dark surfboard across the front of the vehicle.

• An overall boxy shape (at the maximum range setting).

• On the front right corner, an upward-moving exhaust plume that can be seen at short ranges.

Effects of Motion. The M113 APC's direction of movement may indicate the location of its engine, which will get hotter and more visible as it operates. Other characteristics that observers could see when the M113 APC moves include—

• A transport system that becomes warmer and more visible during movement.

• A slower bounce than a lighter vehicle, but a faster bounce than a tank.

• A sometimes visible exhaust plume whose direction indicates the direction of movement.

Figure I-4. M113 armored personnel carrier.

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