M113 APC (armored personnel carrier), 1-1, 5-4 (illus), E-1, E-2 (illus), I-1, I-6, I-7 (illus)

M122 HEAT round, 1-4, 1-6 (illus) M122 tripod, E-2, E-3 (illus), and E-5 (illus)

M175 guided missile launcher mount,

5-2, E-1, E-3 (illus), E-6 M223 practice round, 1-4 M3 tripod, E-1, E-3 (illus) maintenance, G-1 MILES (multiple integrated laser-engagement system), 7-2 (illus), C-1, C-3

H-3 missile backblast area, F-3 (illus) caution zone, F-2, F-3 (illus) danger zone, F-2, F-3 (illus) decontamination procedures, G-17, H-1

destruction procedures, G-16, H-1

exceeded range, D-3

failure to fire, 2-7

firing over water, F-4

grounded, D-3

guided missile launcher mounts

(M175), E-1 hangfire, 2-7 malfunction, 2-1 misfire, 2-7 safety, F-1 thru F-3 sight picture and, 2-3 simulated fire DFTT, 3-1, C-1 DGT, 3-1, B-8, B-11 trainers, 3-1, B-1, C-1 warnings, F-2, F-3 MOPP (mission-oriented protective posture)

decontamination, G-17 MOPP (continued) gear, H-1

tracking while wearing, 4-1 movement, 8-2 muzzle blast, 8-4

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