Performance MeasuresGo Nogo Nogo Nogo

1. Daysight.

a. Pushed safety plunger.

b. Squeezed trigger lever bar.

c. Ensured safety was functional and trigger clicked.

2. Guide pins. Looked for the guide pins, ensured there were four of them present, and ensured they were tight.

3. Connector.

a. Checked connector cover for rubber seals.

b. Ensured connector was clean.

c. Ensured connector was undamaged.

4. Sight housing.

a. If connector sustained damage, reported this to supervisor.

b. Spot-painted as needed.

5. Eye guard. Rotated the eye guard.

6. Nightsight.

a. Spot-painted as needed.

b. Checked range focus lever.

c. Checked for freedom of movement.

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