Range Procedures

Leaders normally consolidate qualification, verification, and sustainment range firing for gunners and assistant gunners at battalion or higher.

a. Officer or NCOIC. Table 5-3 (page 5-6) shows officer or NCOIC duties. (See also Appendix F.)

• Organizes the range.

• Assigns, coordinates, and supervises the firing lines.

• Issues fire commands and general instructions to the firing line.

• During all firing exercises, enforces safety precautions as prescribed in AR 385-62, local SOPs, and applicable range regulations.

• Stresses precision, a steady tracking rate, point training, and use of a firm firing position posture in all instructional firing.

• Fires exercises in the order listed in the firing tables. Ensures that instructors control the exercises using appropriate fire commands.

• Ensures that a qualified instructor inspects all DGTs, DFTTs, and sights before and after each firing day for cleanliness, serviceability, and operation.

• Instructs gunners and assistant gunners on duty assignments and range operating procedures before training them with the equipment. Divides them into teams and assigns each of them a position.

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