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MK64 Mount Mod 9. The MK64 attaches to the M3 Tripod and a variety of vehicle mounts. The MK64 holds the gun and allows it to traverse and elevate on the vehicle or tripod. It also features a travel lock which holds the weapon in travel position during vehicle operation.

MK93 Mod 0 (Marine Corps only). Designed as a defensive ground mount to attach the MK19 to the M3 tripod. Composed of a carriage assembly and yoke assembly.

MK93 Mod 1. Designed as a mount to attach the MK19 to the HMMWV ring assembly. Composed of the MK93 Mod 0, .50 caliber ammo holder assembly, mounting bracket, catch bag assembly, MK175 gun mount adapter, and traversing and elevation mechanism.

Mk93 Components Army

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    How to assemble a MK93 MOD 2?
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