Introduction Continued Explanation Of Columns

The following provides an explanation of columns in the tabular listings:

Column (1), Illustration Number. This column indicates the number of the illustration in which the item is shown.

Column (2), National Stock Number. Indicates the National Stock Number assigned to the item and will be used for requisitioning purposes.

Column (3), Description, CAGEC, and Part Number. Indicates the Federal item name followed by a minimum description when needed. The last line below the description is the CAGEC (Commercial and Government Entity Code) (in parenthesis) and the part number.

Column (4), Usable On Code. When applicable, gives you a code if the item you need is not the same for different models of equipment.

Column (5), Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the physical measurement or count of the item as issued per the National Stock Number shown in column (2).

Column (6), Quantity Required (Qty Rqr). Indicates the quantity required.

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