Technical Manuals TMs

08521A-10/1A Machine Gun 40mm MK19 MOD 3

08670A-10/1A M240 Machine Gun 7.62 mm (with change 1-3)

08670B-23&P/2 M240G Machine Gun 7.62mm (1005-01-359-2714) Supplement _1

08686A-13&P/1 Machine Gun Mount MK64

9-1005-201-10 Operator's Manual for Machine Gun, 5.56MM, M249 W/Equipment (NSN 1005-01-127-7510) (EIC: 4BG) (TM-08671A-10/1)

9-1005-213-10 Operator's Manual for Machine Guns, Caliber .50; Browning, M2, Heavy Barrel Flexible, W/E (NSN 1005-00-322-9715) (EIC: 4AG) M48 Turret Type (1005-00-957-3893) (EIC: 4BB) Soft Mount (1005-LL-H11-5877) (Navy) Fixed Type Right Hand Feed (1005-00-122-9339) (Navy) Fixed Type Left Hand Feed (1005-00-122-9368) (Navy) Mounts, Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M3 Tripod W/E (1005-00-322-9716) (EIC: 4EA) M63 Antiaircraft W/E (1005-00-673-3246) (EIC: 4EC) (TM 02498A-10/1; TO 11W2-6-3-161; SW361-AB-MM0-010)

9-1005-245-14 Operator, Organizational, Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (Including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools) Various Machine Gun Mounts and Combinations Used on Tactical and Armored Vehicle Mounts, Machine Gun 1005-774-6861, 1005-854-4463 (M142),

1005-704-6650, 1005-836-7286, 1005-706-8880, 1005-654-0733, 1005-659-0045, Mounts, Machine Gun M48 Tank Cupola 1005-736-4875, 1005-834-6119; Pedestal, Gun Mounts 1005-419-7041 (m4), 1005-736-0400 (M31A1), 1005-706-9767 (M31C); Mounts, Gun Ring Machine Gun 1005-317-2425 (M36), 1005-317-2427 (M36A1), 1005-317-2428 (M66), 1005-702-8676 (M68), 1005-797-6451 (M68E1), 1005-797-6450 (M68E1 w/supports), 1005-219-8135 (M81), 1005-783-5494 (M548 Carrier), 1005-774-6836 (M548 Carrier) (Reprinted w/Basic Incl C1)

9-1010-231-13&P (O) Operator's, Organization and Intermediate Maintenance with Repair Parts List and Components List Mount, Machine Gun, MK 64; MOD 4 (NSN 1010-01-128-4934); MOD 5 (1010-01-126-9063); MOD 6 (1010-01-179-7616); MOD 7 (1010-01-179-7616); MOD 8 (1010-01-179-7615); Used with Machine Gun, MK19 MOD 3, 40MM Machine Gun, M2, Caliber .50 Machine Gun, M60, 7.62MM Machine Gun, M60E3 7.62MM (TO 11W2-8-32-4; SW 363-D4-MMM-010/MK 64 TM 08686A-13&P1)

11-5855-214-10 Operator's Manual for Night Vision Sight, Crew Served Weapon, AN/TVS-5 (NSN 5855-00-629-5327)

11-5855-238-10 Operator's Manual for Night Vision Goggles Ground Use: AN/PVS-5 and AN/PVS-5A (NSN 5855-00-150-1820) (EIC: IPD) AN/PVS-5B (5855-01-228-0938) (EIC: IPV) AN/PVS-5C (5855-01-288-0936) (EIC: IPU) Aviation Use

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