Vehicle Mounts

a. Types. The MK-19 mounts on the M4 pedestal mount, the M66 ring mount, and the HMMWV weapons station.

(1) Pedestal mount, M4. This is designated for installation on M151 series vehicles; e.g., the fast attack vehicle (see figure 5-37, page 5-27). The mount is composed of a pintle socket, pintle clamping screw, column, and braces. See TM 9-1005-245-14 for information on the pedestal. For information on mounting the MK-19, see TM 9-1010-231-13&P.

(2) M66 ring mount. This mount is designed for installation on 2-, 5-, and 10-ton trucks or on combat vehicles (see figure 5-38, page 5-27). It consists of a machine gun mount, pintle socket, pintle clamping screw, ring assembly, brake assembly, and backrest assembly. The multiple-type ring assembly has a fixed ring for mounting to the vehicle. It also has a revolving ring that carries the pintle socket for the stepped type machine gun mount, the pintle shanks, a brake assembly, and the backrest assembly. See TM 9-1003-245-14 for additional M66 ring mount information and TM 9-1010-231-13&P for information on mounting the MK-19.

Figure 5-36. MK64 MOD 5 Cradle Mounted on the M3 Tripod.

Figure 5-34. M3 Tripod.

Figure 5-35. MK64 MOD 5 Cradle.

Figure 5-37. Pedestal Mount M4.

Figure 5-38. M66 Ring Mount.

traversing lock clamp on the M4 pedestal. (3) HMMWV weapons station. This consists of a When rotating platform with a pedestal that accepts the MK64 MOD 5 cradle (see figure 5-39). The pedestal is detachable with a quick release pin. For information on weapons stations, see TM 9-1010-231-13&P.

b. Accessories. There are two accessories needed to mount the MK-19 on vehicles.

(1) Pintle adapter. The upper end of the pintle adapter has a hole that is shaped to accept the M4 cradle's pintle. The adapter is equipped with a quick-release pintle that secures the carriage and cradle. The lower end of the adapter is shaped to fit the mounting hold in the upper end of the M4 pedestal, HMMWV weapons platform, and the M66 ring mount. It is secured by the pintle lock on the vehicle pedestal (see figure 5-40).

(2) T&E mechanism mount assembly. This assembly adapts the T&E so that it secures the carriage and cradle to the M4 pedestal or HMMWV weapons platform pedestal and provides fire control adjustments (see figure 5-41). The lower end of the assembly is attached to the pedestal by a train lock clamp. It may be released for traverse or locked in position by a train lock handle. Two positioning clamps are provided to prevent up or down movement of the

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