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COMDTINST M4855.1 ., Comptroller Manual Volume 10 Quality Assurance

CTA 8-100 Army Medical Department Expendable/Durable Items

CTA 50-970 Expendable/Durable Items (Except: Medical, Class V, Repair Parts and Heraldic


MIL-STD-1169 Packaging, Packing and Marking for Shipment to Inert Ammunition Components

MIL-B-121 Barrier Material, Greaseproofed, Waterproofed, Flexible (NSN 8135-00-753-4661)

MIL-B-117 Bag, Sleeve and Tubing-interior Packaging (NSN 8135-00-543-6574)

PPP-B-636 Boxes, Shipping, Fiberboard

PPP-B-601 Boxes, Wood, Cleated Plywood

MIL-STD-129 Marking for Shipment and Storage

PPP-T-76 Tape, Packaging, Paper

MIL-STD-1186 . ., ., Cushioning, Anchoring, Bracing, Blocking and Waterproofing; with appropriated test methods

PPP-C-843 Cushioning Material, Cellulosic

Fiberboard, Corrugated and Solid Sheet Stock (Container Grade), and Cut Shapes

PPP-B-640 Boxes, Fiberboard, Corrugated, Triple-Wall

PPP-B-621 Boxes, Wood, Nailed and Locked-Corner

SPI 00-856-6885 Special Packaging Instructions

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