Technical Bulletins

TB 9-1000-247 -34 Standards for Overseas Shipment or Domestic Issue of Small Arms, Aircraft Armament, Towed Howitzers, Mortars, Recoilless Rifles, Rocket Launchers and Associated Fire Control Equipment

TB 43-0002-73 Maintenance Expenditures Limits for FSC Group 10; FSC Classes 1005, 1010,

1015, 1030, 1055, 1090, and 1095

TB 43-0196 Inspection and Certification of Gages - Small Arms


TM 9-1005-237 -23&P Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special

Tools List) for Bayonet-Knife MS and M7, with Bayonet Knife Scabbard M10

TM 9-1005-249 -10 Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5.56MM, M1S and M1SA1

TM 9-1010-221 -24&P Organizational, Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual Including

Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Launcher, Grenade: 40-mm M203 W/E (NSN 1010-00-1 79-S447)

TM 9-6920 -363 -12& P M2S1 Conversion Kit

TM 11-1090-268-13 Operator's, Organizational, and Direct Support Maintenance Manual: Night Vision

Sight, Individual Served Weapon AN/PVS-1

TM 750-244-7 Procedures for Destruction of Equipment in Federal Supply Classifications 1000,

1005, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1025, 1030, 1055, 1090, and 1095 to Prevent Enemy Use

TO 00-35D-54 Technical Order, Materiel Deficiency Reporting and Investigating System

TO 11W-1-10 Recording of Inspection, Maintenance, and Firing Date for Ground Weapons

TO11W3-5-5-1 Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5.56 MM, Ml 6 and M16A1

TO 33K-1-100 Technical Manual (TMDE) Interval Calibration and Repair TO Reference Guide and

Work Unit Code Manual

TO 11 A 13-10 -7 Storage and Maintenance Procedures for Small Arms Ammunition


AR 385-11 Ionizing Radiation Protection (Licensing, Control, Transportation, Disposal, and

Radiation Safety)

AR 700-64 Radioactive Commodities in the DOD Supply System (NAVSUPPUB 5012/AFM

AFR 50-36 Volume 1 Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Program Management

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