Chapter Overview

Chapter 3 contains information and instructions to help keep the weapon in good repair. This chapter contains:

a. Repair Parts, Special Tools, TMDE, and Support Equipment b. Service Upon Receipt c. Troubleshooting d. Decontamination of Rifles and Shop Area e. Maintenance Procedures for the M16 and M16A1 Rifle f. Preembarkation Inspection of Materiel in Units Alerted for Overseas Movement


3-1. COMMON TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT. For authorized common tools and equipment refer to the Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) applicable to your unit. Air Force and Coast Guard users must maintain the following common tools:

Flat tip screwdriver Socket wrench handle and socket head screw socket wrench Vise jaw caps Machinist's vise Solid center punch Hammer

Combination wrench (2) eight-inch adjustable wrenches Flat file

Ballpeen hammer Trigger Pull Test Fixture Rod & Weights

5/64-inch drive pin punch Retaining ring pliers 1/8-inch drive pin punch Torque wrench 1/16-inch drive pin punch 3/32-inch drive pin punch

3-2. SPECIAL TOOLS, TMDE, AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT. Special tools required for direct support are listed in appendix C and fabricated tools are listed and illustrated in appendix E.

3-3. REPAIR PARTS. Repair parts are listed and illustrated in appendix C.

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