Equipment Data

a. Rifles and M16 and M16A1.


Rifle M16, without magazine and Siing 6.35lb

Rifle M16A1, without magazine and sling 6.55 lb

Sling M1 o.4lb

Empty magazine 0.25lb

Loaded magazine 1.01 lb

Rifle M16, w/sling and loaded magazine 7.76 lb

Rifle M16A1 w/sling and loaded magazine 7.96. lb

Bayonet-Knife M7 0.6lb

Scabbard M10 0.3lb


Rifle w/flash suppressor 39.625 in.

Rifle w/bayonet-knife 4144.875 in.

Barrel 20in.

Barrel with flash suppressor 21 in.

Mechanical features:

Rifling - RH twist, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 12 inches

Method of operation gas

Typeof breech mechanism rotatingbolt

Method of feeding magazine

Cooling air


Caliber 5.56 mm

Type ball, blank, dummy and tracer

Firing characteristics:

Muzzle velocity (approximate) 3,250 fps

Muzzle energy 1.,300. ft-lb

Chamber pressure 52,000 pSi

Cyclic rate of fire (approximate) 800 rds/m

Maximum rate of fire:

Semiautomatic 45/65 rds/m

Automatic 150/200 rds/m

Sustained rate of fire 12/15 rds/m

Maximum range 2, (653 meters

Maximum effective range 460 meters b. Rifle Bipod M3. Weight:

Bipod 0.6lb

Bipod case 0.2lb

Section III. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION 1-11. GENERAL. The 5.56mm M16/M16A1 rifle:

a. Is gas-operated. It fires in either the automatic or semiautomatic mode.

b. Has positive locking of the bolt. Firing pin is part of the bolt and carrier assembly and cannot strike the primer until the bolt is fully locked.

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