Applicable Configuration

TM 9-1005-249-10 (Operator's manual)


Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit. SC 5 180-95-CL-A07 (19204)


Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP)

(item 9. app D) Cleaning compound, rifle bore (RBC)

(item 1 1, app D) Lubricating oil, weapons (LAW) (item 20, app D) Lubricating oil, weapons (LSA) (item 21, app D)

Equipment Condition

Bolt carrier assembly removed

General Safety Instructions

Do not interchange bolt assemblies from one weapon to another. Doing so may result in injury to, or death of, personnel.

To avoid injury to your eyes, use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.


M16 Nomenclature
assembly (3) as a unit.
0 0

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