Visually check rear sight to ensure it is centered after making adjustments. Also, ensure the rear sight is set in the short-range (unmarked aperture) position.

NOTE: Procedure will give an approximate battle site zero to most M 16 rifles. Once the above steps are completed, the rifle will be mechanically zeroed for 250 meters using the unmarked or short-range aperture and at 375 meters using the "L" or long-range aperture. The above steps can also be used before firing a new or newly assigned rifle. Use the procedure to check rifles stored in preferred packaging during routine inspections. This will help ensure people armed with the rifles will stand a better chance of hitting an enemy if the rifles must be used before a live fire zero can be made. Whenever possible, zeroing of the rifle should be accomplished using ball ammunition on a 25 meter zeroing target using the "L" aperture.

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