M16/M16A1 Rifle

Quarterly Bipod assembly M3 (serviceability check)


Annual DS safety and serviceability inspection and gaging


If scratched or worn shiny in spots, re-coat with solid film lubricant (item 19, app D) as stated in item 4 (p 2-7).

Assemble as in operators manual.

Check for broken, missing, or damaged parts and check over all general -appearance.

Check small arms sling for damage.

Check spring tension for retention to rif Ie barrel. Check legs (1) for damage.

Check the DD Form 314 to insure annual DS safety and serviceability inspection and gaging has been done and that the next gaging and inspection is scheduled.

Not Fully Mission Capable If:

D - Replace parts as required and authorized, or evacuate to direct support maintenance for repair.

SH - Replace if damaged.

SH - If defective, replace M3 bipod.

D - If annual gaging has not been performed within the last year, notify direct support maintenance.

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