Initial Setup

Applicable Configuration

M16/M16A1 Rifle


Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit SC 5180-95-CL-A07 (19204) Key tool (fig E-3, app E)


Cleaner, lubricant and preservation (CLP)

(item 9, app D) Cleaning compound, rifle bore (CLP)

(item 11, app D) Lubricating oil, weapons (LAW) (item 20, app D) Lubricating oil, weapons (LSA)(item 21, app D)

Equipment Condition

Bolt carrier assembly removed


TM 9-1005-249-10 (Operator's manual)

General Safety Instructions

Bolt cam pin must be installed or weapon will blow up while firing in the first round. If the bolt cam pin is not installed, injury to, or death of, personnel may result.

Do not interchange bolt assemblies from one weapon to another. Doing so may result in injury to, or death of, personnel.


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