Army Gage Set 8426685

Applicable Configuration M16/M16A1 Rifle

Test Equipment Tool and Gage Set 8426685


Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit SC 5180-95-CL-A07 (19204)

Materials/Parts Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) (item 9, app D)

Lubricating oil, weapons (LAW) (item 20, app D) Lubricating oil, weapons (LSA) (item 21, app D) Wiping Rag (item 24, app D)

Equipment Condition

Page Condition Description

3-10 Bolt carrier assembly removed a. DISASSEMBLY

1. Remove firing pin retaining pin (1).

2. Tip key and bolt carrier assembly (2) allowing firing pin (3) to drop out. Catch the firing pin.

3. Rotate bolt cam pin (4) 1/4 turn and lift straight up to remove.

4. Remove bolt assembly (5) from key and bolt carrier assembly (2).

M16 Rifle Bolt



[a) Inspect bolt carrier assembly (1) for burrs, cracks, wear, and evidence of gas loss.

[b) Visually inspect the carrier and key screws (2) for looseness and proper staking as shown below.

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