Initial Setup

Applicable Configuration

M16/M16A1 Rifle


TM 9-1005-249-10 (operator's manual)

Equipment Condition

Weapon assembled.

General Safety Instructions

Before starting an inspection, be sure to clear the weapon. Do not keep live ammunition near the work area.

To avoid injury to your eyes, use care when removing and installing spring-loaded parts.

Before starting an inspection on a weapon equipped with a low light level sight, check for damage to the sight and decontaminate if required. See procedures on page 2-21.

Below direct support maintenance, do not interchange bolt assemblies from one weapon to another. Doing so may result in injury to, or death of, personnel.

a. Refer to operator's manual.

lb. Remove cartridge magazine (1), small arms sling (2), bolt carrier assembly (3), charging handle assembly (4), upper receiver and barrel assembly

(5), from lower receiver and extension assembly


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